Getting an idea should be like sitting on a pin; it should make you jump up and do something.

— E. L. SimpsonII

Shutterpugstt.com was born January 11 2016 @11:15am.

Initially I intended to open up a pet photography studio but we have plans and then life has her way.

In his book “The Four Purposes of Life” author Dan Millman tells us that Earth is a perfect school and daily life a classroom.

“You aren’t here on Earth merely to strive for success” he says, “you’re hear to learn – and daily life is guaranteed to teach you all you need in order to grow, and evolve, and awaken to your higher purpose.”

I had no idea that by February of 2016 my life was going to change drastically!

GiselleThat’s life – isn’t it? Events will arise that are neither predictable nor controllable – “we get a cancer diagnosis, we lose our job, a drunk driver slams into us…”

I realized that I had snuffed out most of myself over the years, attempting to fit into any and everybody’s definition about who I should be.

So yeah, Shutterpugs suggests something with dogs but I am going to expand it to include all my photos and Dragonflythoughts! Life through my eyes, as it were, dogs included!

The dogs in my life have taught me tons of lessons. Here is an article about  – Fuzzy and Chaddy who died recently from a seizure, and my dog Pocket who died on December 5 2014.

My name is Giselle Hudson . It is my explicit intent to expand in abundance, success and love EVERY DAY as I inspire those around me to do the same.